Friday, June 15, 2012

Master Bedroom and Closet Project

Please excuse the picture quality.  For the sake of time I just took these with Photo Booth on my Mac!  

Ok, so here is our Master Bedroom.  Our babies are always in here!  We snuggle in bed in the morning and they usually play in here while I get dressed, make my bed, fold laundry, etc.  I have always thought that I would spent time decorating our room when our kids were older (since they goober every where!), but since we are in there so much I've been working on a few things!  It's part of my REALLY enjoying this time I get to stay home with my kids and just be a wife, mommy, and home decorator! 

Our's brown and blue with pops of gold.  I love our room!  The only improvements I have planned are to paint the walls light blue, hang newer pictures of us, and add some mustard/gold accents.

The latest addition since we moved here two years ago...our storage bench...aka the way our sweet boy gets on our bed :). 

I love our bedroom furniture.  A friend of the family sold is their bedroom set right before we got married for like $200.  Cant beat that!  It really nice solid wood, and someday I would like to update it either by paint or hardware...or both! 

Window and play pen.

I made this for our wedding.  It has my parents and our wedding invites.  I chose one that looked almost identical to my moms without knowing it!

The admiral (our faithful teeny tiny tv)...he came with the hubs and keeps on working!  Although I think the admiral will be moving to the playroom after Black Friday!

My Closet Project!  It's NOT done but, I'm so excited I had to share a sneak peek...

I've painted, added hooks, hung twine, bought tubs and canvas I just need to pizazz it up a bit.  It's coming out beautifully though!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Kitchen

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for her Home Tours...

I missed linking up last week so scroll down or clink Here to see our family room!

Our Kitchen (these pics are from when we built our house and from various don't please don't mind the fall, Easter, Valentines, and St. Patty's decor...hahaha!)

I love my kitchen!  It is smack dab in the middle of our home, and you can see from the family room to the living room which I love!  It's nice for entertaining.

Our skylight is right above the island and provides more than enough natural light for the whole area which is awesome!

Back our tile!

View from the breakfast area



I really like our built ins...however I am horrible at decorating them!

The breakfast area!  We recently moved our formal table here due to our expanding family!

Off to the side is one of my favorite spots in our home.  Hubby got this buffet for me for our last anniversary.  I bought this mirror when we were first married for like $30 and I still LOVE it!

We added this verse pretty!

This is the only part of my house I have decorated for holidays this year with two little ones...but I really have enjoyed it!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Our Family Room

So I FINALLY am getting around to decorating again.  It's been awhile since I've been able know with all the school, pregnancies, babies and what not!  I have begun in our Family Room...which I believe is the HEART of our home.  Not the kitchen...unfortunately for the hubs!

I recently purchased these super chic pillows at Target.  How much is everyone loving Target these days?  All the new "Shops" WOW!  Target has gone up like a million notches in my book.

So the pillows are what I have finally decided on as far as color. I had red before and I just wasn't feelin' it anymore.   Since I am a huge fan of warm colors I chose these.  To me these colors = lots of snuggles on the couch with my honey and babies.

They match my curtains perfect.  I love these curtains!  See that canvas on the wall?  While I LOVE's kind of lonely :(.  Plan...

Build shelves...these are super easy!  My neighbor did them in her house which is almost identical to mine.  Aren't they cute?

The fireplace...oh the fireplace!  It's kinda sad right now.  Plans = take down frame, paint the fireplace chocolate brown, make the wall behind it an "accent" wall (color unknown), and frame a pic of the kiddos on it!

My sweet boy and our fish tank...yup it's right in the family room!

TV and Toys...aka our new form of decor! Ha!

Any suggestions are welcomed!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Uncle Stud Muffin

I took my baby brother's senior/prom/graduation pictures recently.  I LOVE how they came out!  I can't believe he's graduating and going to college soon! Crazy!  Seems like just yesterday I placed him on my then teeny tiny hip and shared him with my 6th grade classmates (I shared ALL my siblings in K,3rd,6th, and 12th grade...sweet right?), and now he's all grown up and quite the young man I must say!

Enjoy Uncle Matt....aka Uncle Maffs....aka Uncle Stud Muffin :)